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Coface receives its first AAA ESG rating from MSCI

Coface receives its first AAA ESG rating from MSCI. Image of MSCI and Coface's logos.

Coface has been rated AAA by the extra-financial rating agency MSCI. This places Coface among the Top 4% of Property & Casualty Insurance companies worldwide for action across environmental, social and governance matters.

MSCI ESG Ratings aim to measure a company’s management of financially relevant environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. The company uses a rules-based methodology to identify industry leaders (AAA) and laggards (CCC), according to their exposure to industry-specific ESG risks, as well as the ability to manage those risks relative to peers.

Coface’s upgrade from AA to AAA is driven by a combination of factors, including:

  • Strong corporate governance practices, notably the independent majority of its board, which has separate Chair and CEO roles and an equal amount of women and men,
  • Strong business ethics policies and practices: MSCI highlights Coface’s strong anti-corruption framework, with compliance programmes that include staff training and whistleblower protection,
  • Robust efforts to offset risks of physical climate change in underwriting impacts.

This new rating is a recognition of Coface’s significant commitment to incorporating environmental, social and governance dimensions into our activities. We are very pleased to see that a recognized extra-financial rating agency such as MSCI judges Coface to be moving into the right direction,” said Carole Lytton, Coface Group General Secretary.



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