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Find your future business partners

Four good reasons to choose Business Finder:

  • Find and reach new business partners
  • Update and enrich your CRM / contact database
  • Analyze your markets and competitors
  • All companies have already been credit-checked by Coface

Coface Business Finder searches the largest database in CEE and helps you to select your target group. All companies have already been credit-checked by Coface to ensure the best quality of your future business partners.


Finding your future business partners is easy: simply go to iCON, your online platform for Business Information, and follow three simple steps:


1. Filter companies by various criteria

2. Select the information that you want in the results

3. Customize your selection as often as you want before you purchase and download the final list

Select new target groups in CEE

Business Finder

Business Finder is available in 29 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. On iCON you can search for new business partners according to your interests. The following criteria can be changed in order to fine-tune your target group: location, sectors, company details, executive contacts and import/export activity.


Try it out now and customize your selection as often as you want. The number of companies according to your selection is shown as-you-type. Preview the results to make sure your selection contains the information you need. Go back anytime to adjust parameters to get different results. When you are ready, proceed to order.

Your benefits at a glance

Coverage: biggest database in Central and Eastern Europe with 35 million companies
Quality: all companies already credit-checked by Coface with a credit assessment range of 4-10
Usability: interactive tool with unlimited possibility to set and change filters before purchase
Customization: your selection can be changed as often as you want to fine-tune your target group
Transparency: number of companies according to the filters you set is shown during selection as-you-type
Immediate results: the output file is being generated in the instant you set your order

Company information at a click

With our global network of information, you can access data across 195 countries. As a leading credit insurer, we rely only on trustworthy data sources, including: 
  • Government and public information sources,
  • Coface’s credit insurance payment experience,
  • Selected credit bureaus and information partners.
ICON is accessible 24/7, either on our platform or via API.

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