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Coface Risk Monitor

Get notified before it's too late

Four good reasons to choose Coface Risk Monitor:

  • Individual selection of up to 28 monitoring criteria
  • Immediate information on any changes
  • Increased security through full Coface Business Credit Report and immediate start of our monitoring service
  • Price advantage compared to individual purchase of full report and monitoring for 12 months

Credit loss and delivery issues can cause severe damage to your business. But when you get the right information about your customers and business partners at the right time, you can avoid such issues and act ahead of events.


Monitoring your partners can be hard and difficult, especially when they are located in a different country. But with Coface Monitoring, it is really easy – we have the local experts that do the job for you.


Updates on first signs of financial problems and other important changes support you in taking the right decisions well in advance.

You have a specific need, we have the solution

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If you need a detailed overview of the financial situation of future or existing business partners, then Coface Risk Monitor is the right product for you. It comes with a full Coface Business Credit Report, so you can choose your partners based on our financial information and assessments.


Parallel to this initial check we start the monitoring process and inform you about changes in up to 18 criteria. We make sure you do not miss deteriorations or any other important change, enabling you to make informed decisions on time.

Individual solutions

  • Choose from a wide range of monitoring criteria including credit rating, financial aspects, company vitals and many more.
  • Tailor the features of your monitoring service to your individual business needs.
  • Use your personal archive on our customer application InfoIcon, any time, wherever you want.
  • Or get our notifications directly transferred into your ERP or CRM tools: just ask for our individual interface solutions.

Extended coverage

Benefit from our extended country coverage of monitoring for companies located in Europe and the United States.

Online Platform - iCON

MONITORING SERVICES and other solutions like:  Business Reports, Scores, Credit opinions CAN BE ORDERED VIA ICON - online platform - WHENEVER YOU WANT, WHEREVER YOU ARE.
With our global network of information, you can access data across 195 countries. As a leading credit insurer, we rely only on trustworthy data sources, including: 
  • Government and public information sources,
  • Coface’s credit insurance payment experience,
  • Selected credit bureaus and information partners.
ICON is accessible 24/7, either on our platform or via API.
Make smarter credit decisions thanks to our easy-to-use solutions:
  • Search for the company for which you need insights from Coface
  • Select Your product or your package.
  • Log in with your credentials or request for being contacted by our Customer Service for a tailor-made offer.

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