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Coface TopLiner

Supplemental cover for your credit insurance

Four good reasons to choose Coface TopLiner:

  • Supplemental cover for a development project
  • A custom-built offer for a period (30 to 90 days) and amount (EUR 5,000 to EUR 5 million) of your choosing
  • A price adjusted to your request
  • Simple online subscription

Reserved for Coface clients, Coface TopLiner is a supplemental cover. It is designed for situations where, for a given buyer, the insured company has received a guarantee with an amount which is less than that requested or no guarantee at all. The price depends on the risk assessment and the amount and duration of the requested cover.


Coface TopLiner is particularly sought-after by companies looking to obtain insurance to cover a high-priority or highly profitable development project.  

Delivering a valuable solution…

Delivering a valuable solution…

An event-based communications agency based in Los Angeles wins a major contract for a product launch by a California-based start-up which is making news. It plans a highly media-intensive and costly launch to generate buzz around this innovation for American consumers.


The Coface guarantee enabled the agency to bid on three of the five request for proposals. The agency ultimately won two of them.


Three months prior to the launch, the agency’s competitor responsible for the fourth lot has to withdraw from the project. Knowing that time is of the essence, the agency takes up the challenge and submits a proposal that is above the market price but takes into account the very short deadlines and is supported by its satisfactory service situations on the two projects already on the way. The payment deadlines stipulated in the terms can be accepted based on a “TopLiner” quote for a supplementary guarantee.
This third project is won with a margin which is five times higher than the cost of the “TopLiner” guarantee. The agency thereby obtains a net margin that is higher than those of the first two projects.

CofaNet Essentials: an online application to serve clients

CofaNet Essentials: an online application to serve clients

Coface provides clients with CofaNet Essentials, a secure online guarantee management space.


It enables each client to identify its buyers, see the total volume of guaranteed risks outstanding, report losses and monitor the indemnification of unpaid invoices, all in just a few seconds.


CofaNet Essentials also offers Debtor Risk Assessments, export functions and detailed research.

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