The CEE automotive sector is highly dependent on foreign investments - but there are positive dynamics in domestic demand


The CEE region has become an attractive destination for investments by global car manufacturers. In 2014, 3.6 million vehicles were produced in Eastern Europe, equating to 21% of total EU production (...)

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Quarterly updated country risk assessments


Many countries are facing the full brunt of the decline in oil prices, especially emerging countries for which Coface has revised growth forecasts to 4% for 2015 (compared to 4.2% in March 2015). Meanwhile, developed economies (2% growth forecast for 2015 and 2016) are benefiting from the slight recovery taking shape in the eurozone (1.5% in 2015).

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The end of milk quotas: New rules


April 1st 2015 marked the end of milk quotas in Europe, a regulatory tool imposed in 1984 in response to overproduction, leading to the so-called “butter mountain” and the “milk lake”. For the first time in 30 years, the market alone will determine the quantities of milk produced. Are French dairy farmers ready for this? Is the abolition of milk quotas going to make it possible for milk producers to supply the rapidly growing markets in Asia? Or to develop to meet the high level of demand for organic products?

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Re-launch of Coface online business information marketplace


Coface, one of the the leading credit insurers and market leader for information in Central Europe, re-launches its online business information marketplace. InfoICON – the biggest database in CEE – provides online information on more than 43 million companies in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

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