Coface quarterly sector risks survey: 14 sectors in three major regions of the world


Nil growth recorded in the eurozone in Q2 2014 confirms the scenario of an exceptionally slow recovery. However, according to Coface's forecasts, in 2014 growth in GDP will be...

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European airlines are among the least profitable in the world: what is the adaptation scenario?


At a time when it appears vital to capture the growth potential in Asia, European airlines are stumbling due to aggressive competition from low cost operators and airlines from the Gulf. Currently, they are among the least profitable in the world. Faced with these new constraints, what changes are conceivable?

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The Turkish economy - what to expect in 2014


Prior to the forthcoming presidential elections in August 2014, Coface is cautious in its assessment of corporate risks in Turkey. If political tensions rise again, as happened in December and January, investors may flee the country which could result in a fluctuation in Forex markets. Such a situation would negatively impact the corporate sector’s external debt stock, already at a record high.

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Brazil: Downgraded to A4


Coface expects a considerable slowdown of GDP in 2014 (at +1.3% in 2014, down from +2.5% in 2013), due to household consumption growing at a slower pace, investments losing momentum and a weak trade balance. Coface considers 2015 to be a turning point, boosting GDP in the medium term.

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