Coface Insolvency Panorama for Central and Eastern Europe: Less business insolvencies due to favourable economic conditions


Countries in the Central and Eastern Europe region enjoyed favourable economic conditions last year. This led to an improved situation for CEE businesses. The number of insolvencies decreased over the course of 2015 in 9 out of 13 countries, while the GDP-weighted regional insolvency average was -14%. The region showed a varied picture, with double-digit deterioration recorded in Ukraine and Lithuania, whereas Romania and Hungary enjoyed significant improvements. Coface forecasts that businesses will continue to take advantage of supportive conditions and that company insolvencies will drop by -5.3% in 2016.

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EURO 2016: the final as seen by Coface economists


EURO 2016: the final as seen by Coface economists!

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Despite persistent crises, sub-Saharan Africa presents opportunities in 2025 time-frame


Heavily impacted by the Chinese slowdown and the fall in commodity prices, sub-Saharan Africa posted its lowest level of growth since 2008. 15 countries, including several that have been severely impacted by cri-ses, show significant potential in terms of consumer spending. Two sectors offer medium-term opportunities: retail and ICT

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Insolvencies in Northern Europe: Positive trends in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany


Europe’s improved macroeconomic situation has had favorable effects on businesses in most European countries and led to fewer insolvencies in 2015 in the four Northern (..)

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